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Sport Turf Supply, Inc.
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Sport Turf Supply, Inc. offers a complete line of premier turf products featuring:
Dr. Dirt's 12-4-6
Natural-Based Liquid Fertilizer
Combination of sea plant extract, fulvic acids and secondary nutrients - an excellent source of elemental nutrition and biostimulant supplementation. 12-4-6 gives prompt color response, promotes root growth, and speeds recovery of damaged turf.
Dr. Dirt's Hydrate
Moisture Management
A powerful combination of highly concentrated sea plant extracts, humates, and wetting agents along with key plant nutrients for more balance growth and optimal stress tolerance in turf.
Dr. Dirt's Carbon Source Plus
Organic Soil Activator
Introduces large populations of beneficial bacteria to the soil, releasing nutrients for plant use. It immediately stimulates soil borne microorganisms.
All- Natural Planting Soil with Worm Castings
Natural high concentrated organic material for healthier soil, stronger roots and water conservation.
Retains fertilizers in the rootzone, Helps nutrients become plant available, Increase cation exchange capacity (cec), Improves buffering properties of soil, and Promotes increased nitrogen efficiency.