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Special Note: Sand will not correct bad grading. Bad grading is usually caused by a contractor rushing the finished product due to weather, budget or a time constraint.
Topdressin g
Topdressing FAQ
Topdressing is the process of adding a thin layer of material over the surface of turf. A variety of materials can be used in a topdressing program including sand, peat moss, soil, and compost, as well as mixtures of these mediums. While originally associated with the golf course industry, topdressing is now used on golf courses, sports turf fields (incuding baseball, football, and soccer fields) and lawns. Athletic turf managers use topdressing and aeration to help with field drainage and compaction problems. Many turf managers are finding that topdressing their athletic fields improves their playability. Some benefits provided by topdressing include a smoother playing surface, better turf density and color derived from uniform moisture and growth, the elimination and control of thatch, more efficient use of water resources, and an increased efficiency of fertilizers.